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come explore with the locals: food

    Our guests can come experience Thai culinary Hawkers and budget foodie favorite treats

    both savory, salty, sweet & sour. Sometimes all at once.

  • The best Traditional Chiang mai yellow noodles (Khao soi) and BBQ satay shop.

  • Thailand’s healthy famous favorite dessert; Sweet delicious yellow mango with sticky rice coconut cream sauce.

  • Thai crepes (Roti) choose lady finger bananas, oozing chocolate, or egg as your favorite filling. One will never be enough! This tiny stall has sold over a million Rotis.

  • The best Thai food in Chaing mai with a twist. Come visit the hanging feet restaurant.

  • Hot or cold. Freshly made Soy milk. A popular Thai boost me up. Perfectly complimented with Hot and Crispy Thai fried Donuts. Yum.


come explore with the locals: ACTIVITIES

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